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Fight for the power of the 9 judges of the Supreme Court

This PDF file is illustrating that the SCC Registry's employees are forced to contravene s. 61. of the Supreme Court Act. By committing such fraud, they snatch power from the nine judges of the Supreme Court of Canada and pass it to certain members of the Harper Cabinet. Please refer to the latest development that is a writing on the wall for Stephen Harper, under our tab named "A UNIQUE COURT CASE". It reveals the Canadian version of Bernie Madoff's pyramid scheme: the political-criminal pyramid of our proud conservatives.

You may also refer to our main tab named Canada's Courts that contains the following article:
"Alberta man protects the power of Supreme Court of Canada's nine judges from conspiracy"

P.S.: May Stephen Harper, after having prorogued Parliament twice, skip the call for elections in 2015, or ignore the results of those elections and maintain his dictatorship by the help of Canada's armed forces for decades?

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